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Buildings account for 13% of Canada's overall greenhouse gas emissions.


The energy we consume to heat, cool and power our homes represents 14% of Kingston’s greenhouse gas emissions and cost nearly $90 million annually.


Kingston was the first Ontario municipality to declare a climate emergency, setting a goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions 30% by the year 2030

Committing to change

Greenhouse gases such as CO2, which are created from home heating systems, are contributing to the current climate crisis. You can help minimize your climate impact by evaluating your house to eliminate substandard conditions.

How we help

Check out this rental property’s kitchen. At first glance, it may appear to be in good condition, but multiple bylaw violations can be found upon closer inspection.

1Plumbing 5.57

All plumbing, including every drain, water pipe, water closet and other plumbing fixtures in a Dwelling and every connecting line to the Sewerage System shall be Maintained in good working order and free from leaks or defects, and all water pipes and appurtenances thereto shall be protected from freezing.

The faucet drips.

2Doors and Windows 5.11

Where storm windows and doors are installed in a dwelling that shall be Maintained in good Repair.

There is a noticeable draft from the edges of the windows.

3Kitchen 5.49.3

Work surfaces at least 1.2 metres (4 feet) in length x 60 centimeters (2 feet) in width, exclusive of the sink, that are impervious to moisture and grease and easily cleanable so as not to impart any toxic or deleterious effect to food.

The countertop behind the sink is damaged, which allows water to seep in.

4Appliance 4.8

All appliances, equipment, accessories and installations provided by the Owner shall be installed and Maintained in good repair and working order and used for their intended purposes.

The oven doesn't heat up.

Did you know?

Kingston's Skyrocketing Rent

Rental rates over the period has been notably higher than the rate of inflation over the period illustrating an erosion in housing affordability in the local rental market.

Kingston Rental Housing Market Analysis Report

Average Rent

Average cost of rent in Kingston per month for 2018 was Bachelor: $745. One bedroom: $1000. Two bedrooms: $1200. Three +(space) bedrooms: $1998.

Community Profiles - Kingston

Allowable Rent Increase

The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing sets the limit every year for how much landlords can legally raise your rent that year. In 2019, the limit was 1.8%. In 2020, the limit was 2.2%.

How often can a landlord increase the rent?

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