Steps for Reporting Issues

  1. Contact your landlord.

    1. This may be done through your property management company's housing portal, via email, or other means.

    2. We strongly recommend that correspondence with your landlord happen in print (email, letter, etc...), so a record is kept.

    3. We advise that you attach your completed housing assessment to the correspondence.

  2. If your landlord fails to correct these problems, contact your city's property standards department. You can often find their contact information on your city's website or by dialing 311.

  3. If necessary, as deemed by the property standards office, they will set up an inspection your residence. (COVID-19 could impact this.)

    1. After the inspector confirms these violations, they will issue an order to the landlord to repair these issues within a set time frame.

    2. It is your responsibility as a tenant to contact the property standards office if these repairs are not completed.

    3. If these repairs are not sufficiently completed within the timeline mentioned above, and the landlord does not appeal the order, then your city may take legal action.

      1. Legal action could entail charges being laid under the Building Code Act against the landlord.