Resources and Contacts

City of Kingston - Property Standards Bylaw

This document outlines the minimum standards for building and property maintenance within Kingston.

Kingston's Property Standards Office

They are the experts on The City's Property Standards bylaws. Contact them if your landlord does not fix the issues found in your unit or if you have further questions about specific bylaws.

Queen's Student Community Relations (SCR) Office

The SCR offers 30 to 90-minute information sessions with Adam King, Off-Campus Living Advisor. They are available to help with questions related to tenants and landlords' rights and responsibilities, applications and lease agreements and more. Schedule your free appointment by emailing their office.

Housing Resource Centre

An AMS initiative designed to "support students who are experiencing a conflict with a landlord or housemate in a safe and confidential space. Trained student volunteers can also answer questions and provide information on property standards, leases, tenant rights, house hunting, home security, and more."

Katarowki-Kingston Union of Tenants

We can help tenants understand their rights, advocate for better conditions and respect for tenant, organize with their neighbours, and find legal help for tenants in varying financial situations.

Federation of Metro Tenants' Association

The Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations (FMTA) is a non-profit organization which advocates for better rights for tenants. They operate a tenant help line to assist in tenant issues, provide resources and publications and facilitate workshops to train volunteers.